Want to Achieve Your Goals? Avoid These 3 Things That Belittle Your Dreams

Each one of us has different, very specific goals we want to achieve in life. Some dream of owning a business empire, some would like to rise up the corporate ladder, while some would like to travel the world while earning sustainable income on the side. Every individual defines their goal and what success looks like for them. Yes, there is a generally-accepted picture of what success looks like defined mostly by society (e.g. owning a mansion, luxury cars, etc.). But in today’s generation, no one is compelled to live by that norm.


While you define your life goals, there are many factors that may hinder you from achieving it. Here are the top 3 reasons:


  1. Procrastination. We’ve all been guilty of putting off something for tomorrow when we could have been doing the work now. The bad thing about this is that tomorrow may not come at all. This behavior results to laziness and complacency that oftentimes lead to lack of motivation to move forward. People may not realize it but one day of delay in doing an important task may have ramifications to the total over-all result of your work. Besides, what other more urgent tasks do you have to do in exchange of one step towards realizing your goal?


If a goal is important to you, create a plan and a timeline on when you’ll commit to accomplishing it. Having the right plan and a timeline will serve as your compass in navigating your way towards achieving your goal.


  1. There are times when we get discouraged to move on when we think our plan is not perfect enough. This results to people immediately giving up on their dreams.


The thing is, hardly anyone comes up with a plan or idea that’s perfect in the beginning. When you think of successful people today, they did not just wake up one day and came up with a ‘perfect plan’. Successful people comes up with a solid plan, good enough to launch something. Then as time goes by, they focus their energy on tweaking them based on experiences. Don’t get too hung-up on having a perfect plan. Focus on how you’ll be able to adjust to make the necessary correction as the situation evolves.


  1. Negative Mindset. All human beings make mistakes. But when negative thinking comes into play, it just creates paranoia that will lead to self-doubt. The moment you think negative about a certain plan, it may very well happen. Though we have to be cautious, we should remove pessimism from our vocabulary if we want to progress. Always use positive words to attract positive things on your way to achieving your life goals.


Keeping these items in mind will jump start your way to achieving your goals in any aspect of your life! Remember, no one and nothing can stop you from chasing your dreams. So, chase away and make them happen!

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